To Wear or not to Wear…

I just want to provide a quick update about my most recent decision on the Nexus 6P.

I love it. It’s awesome.

Back when I was in research mode comparing the Nexus 6P with the iPhones, I was drawn to the idea of the wearable, and whether or not this would be something that I would like. I used to wear a watch much more than recently, but my initial thought of having technology on my wrist seemed a bit much to be honest.

Last week, I enter that debate again.

I can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but I came across the Google Play Store’s page for Androidwear. I thought:

‘These watches are actually quite nice. I wonder…’

Then I looked a the price and told myself:

‘there’s no chance’.

Personally, $500 seems a bit much for a Smartwatch.

Then, my friend Tim Robinson randomly sends me this message:


So I open the link, and find a nice watch, and as Tim mentioned – is much less expensive than others that I had seen.

So I start thinking about it;

‘do I really need a Smartwatch?’

The short answer is no, obviously, but then I starting thinking about it even more.

‘Nah… I don’t need a smartwatch.’

And then, only one day after Tim sent me that message, I come across this article flipping through Flipboard one day later.

A sign? coincidence? I’m not sure.

Most likely coincidence.

I took it as a sign. 🙂

I did some more searching around and it seemed as though the Asus ZenWatch 2 was a good buy all things considered. When I first set it up and put it on, I gave it five minutes and said

‘I’m returning this thing, I don’t need this’.

I told Tim this, who also recently purchased a 6P, who then told me that with it connected to my 6P – which I love but as a bit bigger of a smartphone – I wouldn’t have to take it out of my pocket as often. This gave me one reason to give it an honest test at least, given I have a 14 days to return it anyways. And looking again today, it went on sale randomly too. Another sign, right?


I have had the smartwatch now for three days. It’s growing on me every time that I put it on. It doesn’t look like a clunky smartphone with the options that the ZenWatch Manager app provides.

A few things that I like about it so far:

  • It reminds me of my calendar events upcoming;
  • receive and send messages both through the Messenger app and Hangouts;
  • Directs me where I need to go if I need it;
  • Tells me weather updates;
  • Actually stylish considering it’s a smartwatch;
  • You can turn ‘peek’ notifications on or off (nice if you just want a watch and not screen changes)

What I don’t like:

  • How it charges – no cradle to rest it on like some other models, but the magnetic connector isn’t that bad

I’ll spend a few more days with it and come back to share my final decision.

One Reply to “To Wear or not to Wear…”

  1. I’m an inspiration! hehe.

    Typically I’m pretty careful about recommending a SmartWatch to someone, despite really loving it myself. I answer their questions and talk about what I like about, but I usually add, “It’s not for everyone.” With you, Pete, I laid it on a little bit stronger since I know you’re a true Android fan (despite that Apple phone testing you did recently!)

    It’s still true that it’s not for everyone, but I hope that you give it a good try and see if it is for you. Once you get over the weird feeling when you talk to your wrist, then you’re set. I can text while driving with impunity since it’s all with my voice and I don’t touch my phone at all. It’s awesome! It’s also pretty handy on the bike too. Turn by turn directions to the wrist while biking is pretty sweet, especially as a new downtown Torontonian.

    Good luck with the rest of the test! Make sure you go back to Best Buy and get the $30 back, but I know you will…

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