My 2015 Android vs iOS roller coaster of a year 

Happy 2016 everyone!

I randomly started this post at around 5am a couple of days ago sitting in bed with my 3-month old sleeping on me, after reading Andrew T. Schwab’s recent posts about his move to Android. I have been chatting with a friend of mine Tim Robinson about this over the past month or so as well since he received his Nexus 6P, so I decided to share my interesting year with my smartphone.

It’s been quite some time that I’ve had the iOS vs Android dilemma.

Nexus_5When the Nexus 5 was released, I was so excited to get my hands on it and purchased myself one. As a Google power user, Android is a more natural fit for me for sure. It is a nice looking device and it had some zip to it, but there were a few caveats – battery life being one of them. All in all though I was extremely happy when a made the move to Android last year and never thought I’d look back.

In the spring of this year, I was downtown Toronto for work and all of a sudden my Nexus 5 decided to go into a reboot loop; I couldn’t even get into it in safe mode. I was in a day-long meeting without WIFI and now without a smartphone and it was the weirdest feeling.

Having a wife who was 5 months pregnant at the time amplified the situation even more. I wasn’t thrilled.

After contacting Google (who were quick to reply and helpful by the way) when I returned home, I did a few things that they recommended and it seemed as if I was good to go. I was happy once again.

About a month later while at the Connect conference in Niagara Falls, it happened again. This time, I was super annoyed, realizing that I may have been stuck with a lemon. This became more and more clear that this was simply back luck.

Hw_455834Spitefully and spontaneously, on my way home from the conference that week, I purchased an iPhone 6 in Barrie off of Kijiji. It’s been rock solid for me and continues to be, but now with the emergence of the Nexus 6P and other Android devices, I am anxiously contemplating making the move back for good.

There were and still are many reasons why I even purchased an iPhone in the first place, and continue with it now:

  1. My wife is an iOS user;
  2. I have an iMac at home;
  3. We have Apple TVs (and Chromecasts) and iPads at home;
  4. The baby monitor that I was thinking of getting at the time – Cloud Baby Monitor (and is awesome actually) is only available on iOS.

Then came our baby Jasper at the end of September. Here I was thinking that both of us having iOS devices, it would make for easy photo sharing.

Not so much.

Thankfully, Google Photos (which is also super awesome by the way) added easy photo sharing.

Shared memories made easy with Google Photos

I signed my wife up with a Google account when we got married, and she’s slowly been converting from her hotmail account. We had already been doing Google Drive file sharing, but now with Google Photos, we have a shared album that we can both contribute to from either of our devices, so we can both have access to all of the photos that we’re taking.

Andrew makes some good points in his posts about what he misses from iOS, what he thought he’d miss, which some of were are on my ‘what if I move’ list of questions. The only thing right now is that I cannot foresee my wife converting – yet anyways. But who knows – Google has made an impression on her with Google Photos!

Time will tell with her, but for me, it’s just a matter of pulling the trigger. And now after finding out about, more homework will be needed before that happens.

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