To Wear or not to Wear…

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  1. Tim Robinson says:

    I’m an inspiration! hehe.

    Typically I’m pretty careful about recommending a SmartWatch to someone, despite really loving it myself. I answer their questions and talk about what I like about, but I usually add, “It’s not for everyone.” With you, Pete, I laid it on a little bit stronger since I know you’re a true Android fan (despite that Apple phone testing you did recently!)

    It’s still true that it’s not for everyone, but I hope that you give it a good try and see if it is for you. Once you get over the weird feeling when you talk to your wrist, then you’re set. I can text while driving with impunity since it’s all with my voice and I don’t touch my phone at all. It’s awesome! It’s also pretty handy on the bike too. Turn by turn directions to the wrist while biking is pretty sweet, especially as a new downtown Torontonian.

    Good luck with the rest of the test! Make sure you go back to Best Buy and get the $30 back, but I know you will…

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